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Exhibition: For a Childs Smile......

LF PHOTO AGENCY and the ONG CARE HIGHWAY INTERNATIONAL presented in Barcelona the first joint exhibition “For A Child’s Smile …”. An event held in Barcelona restaurant Iurantia with the presence of numerous guests from the world of art, film, fashion and TV as actors Coque Serrano and Esther Soto, writers Asha Miró and Manuela Martini, or Eva Palau of Barcelona’s prestigious jewelry RABAT, among others, who enjoyed a very special and emotional with Christopher Morrison, president of the organization. The exhibition was hosted by the renowned British actress Caroline Goodall, Hollywood star of movies like Dorian Gray, The Cold Light of Day or Schindler’s List, among others and global ambassador of Care Highway International. She was grateful for all the guests, explaining the work of the NGO and encouraging them to purchase any of the photographs on this charity event. An event that will be repeated in Madrid, London and Houston. The gross proceeds from the sale of the photographs that attendees could acquire, has been of great help to the current projects of the NGO.

Charity Exhibition

For a Childs Smile...

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