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Meet our LF Spain & India team

Shreya Badonia

Shreya is our responsible for marketing and PR. Apart of it, being a fashion stylist she takes care of the artistic approach of all of our shootings and project.

Yeesha Prakash

Yeesha is photographer in LF Photo Agency India, and responsible for all shooting aspects. She coordinates our shootings and projects together with Shreya.

Alex Felez Buchholz

Alex is partner and head photographer at LF Photo Agency Spain and India.

Renowned portrait and fashion photographer in Spain, now living in India. He heads our New Delhi based branch, covering markets like Mumbai, Sydney, Dubai, Bangkok, New York and Los Angeles, where we have supporting infrastructure.

Steffi Felez

Steffi is our head coordinator in Spain for all european shootings.  She also manages exclusive events and weddings through our specialized firm Exclusive Moments.

Steffi lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Pere Larrègula

Pere is partner and head photographer at LF Photo Agency Spain.

He is considered as one of the best portrait photographers in Spain, and heads all photography activities in Spain and Europe. He is also the head of LF Photo Tech, our specialised branch for photography teaching and learning.

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